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Davie Street

Davie Village, the heart of Vancouver’s gay neighbourhood stretches several city blocks from Burrard Street to Jervis Street.  In these few city blocks you will find several gay bars, coffee shops and the usual businesses required to support a neighbourhood such as grocery stores, bakeries, dollars stores and services such as dentists, veterinarians, and drycleaners.  The two stores that are MUST sees are Little Sisters Book Store & Art Emporium, and Priape. (Priape has now closed)

Little Sisters Book Store & Art Emporium has been a land mark in Vancouver’s gay community since 1983.  The store sells LGBT books and magazines as well at other novelty and adults items.

Souvenir Shops

Gay Friendly Vancouver

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While you might find a souvenir T-shirt on Davie Street and you will find a couple of souvenir shops on Robson Street I would suggest if you are really serious about souvenir shopping and are looking for a wide variety of styles, some maple syrup, RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) souvenirs and perhaps some Cuban cigars (if you are into that) then I recommend you check out the cobble stone streets of  Gastown.  Water Street is the main street in Gastown and is a few minutes’ walk from the cruise ship docks if arriving by cruise ship and 20 minutes’ walk from Davie Village or short cab ride.  There are many restaurants in the area and Gastown is less than a ten minute walk from Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Native West Coast Art

Vancouver Native Haidia Art Gallery
Hiada Art Gallery Vancouver
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Artist Richard Shorty bio.


While we often mistakenly call it Haida art, Darryl the owner of Darryl’s Coffee and Native Art Shop will be quick to correct you that the proper term is West Coast Native Art.  Darryl and his partner of 25 years operate a small independent coffee shop in Davie Village and art gallery full of west coast Native art.  Darryl is a two spirited man and proud to be Native. He personally knows the artists who created the works in his store and can tell you their stories over coffee and a homemade muffin.  Whether you are in the market for high quality west coast Native art or a unique to Vancouver greeting card to send home to that special friend, you won’t find this attention to detail in any commercial art gallery. Find the link on our gay bars and other businesses page.     

Designer Shops

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Robson Street is well known as Vancouver’s fashion street with many international designers setting up shop along this street.  Most of these stores and products can be found in most of our major shopping malls.  It is busy and similar to trendy fashion streets you find in most major cities.  If you want a higher end unique to Vancouver shopping experience I would suggest Yaletown.  Walk down Davie Street in the opposite direction from English Bay.  You will find yourself in the revitalized warehouse district we call Yaletown.  Stoll along the cobble stone loading docks of old warehouses converted into trendy boutiques and sidewalk restaurants and look above to see the luxury 30 storey condo towers as old meets new.  Enjoy a beer and lunch at Yaletown Brewing Company.

Grandville Island


Grandville Island can be reached my miniature passenger ferries that shuttle people a short distance across the water to Grandville Island and Science World.  Grab some lunch or a coffee in the market.  There are always street performers to entertain you while you enjoy your lunch.  There are a number of art galleries and shops to browse.  The trip on the little passenger ferries make this truly a unique Vancouver experience.

Shopping Malls

The major shopping mall in the downtown area is Pacific Centre Mall.  It is located under the streets and can be accessed from street level from any major department store at the corner of Granville Street and Georgia Street.  You will also find at this corner the Sky Train stations.  From here you can catch a train directly to the airport for just a few dollars saving the cost of a (approximate $40 depending on traffic) cab ride.

If you are a really serious shopper you really need to visit Metropolis at Metro Town, which is one of the largest shopping malls in Canada.  You will need to take the train, but it is really easy.  Just follow my instructions and check out the video.


Note: You will need to take the Sky Train to Metro town. Walk to the Hudson's Bay store on Georgia Street. (Be sure to enter the Sky Train Station from the Hudson's Bay store Grandville Station NOT the other station Downtown City Center at Grandville Street & Georgia St.- That one takes you to the Airport and the Richmond Night Market) The Sky Train station is located just off the lower level of the the store. Take the Expo Line to Metropolis Shopping Mall at Metro Town.

Richmond Night Market

Richmond Night Market

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Richmond is a suburb of Vancouver where East meets West in the Asian tradition of the “Night Market” just 20 minutes away from Davie Village on the Sky Train.  (Take Canada Line – from Downtown City Center Station located at Granville Street and Georgia Street beside London Drugs).  Stroll through the 18 acres of outdoor stalls selling a feast of every type of Asian food you can imagine.  While you satisfy your hunger for food, you can also satisfy your shopping cravings as you will find vendors selling every type of electronic gizmo you can think of,  while still others sell sun glasses, wigs (...oh yeah Wigs!) and every incarnation of Hello Kitty you can think of.  The market runs from May 17 through to October 14, evenings from 7 PM to 12 PM (6 PM to 11 PM Sundays and holidays). Link


Gay Vancouver Tourism
My Davie Village Gay Vancouver tourist picks:
Little Sisters Book & Art Emporium.
Local Travel Tip I really like Gastown.  The Sea Bus terminal is right there.  It’s a cheap ride across to the other side of the harbour where you will find Lonsdale Quay Market.  Enjoy some lunch or a coffee from the dock and see the city from the other side of the water.  See the city from the harbour without the expensive cost of a tourist boat cruise!


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Born in Whitehorse, Yukon Richard Shorty now lives in Vancouver B.C.  Starting his career with portraits of rock stars, wildlife, and scenic realism, Richard’s artistic abilities matured and he began native design. Richard is a versatile artist having worked on drums, paddles, masks and rattles.  His pieces are collected nationwide.