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Gay Vancouver's Arts, Dance, Singing & Music Groups in My Davie Village


Find links to Vancouver Gay LGBT Dance groups such a Squares Across the Border a gay square dance group and Vancouver gay and lesbian choirs such as The Vancouver Gay Men’s Corus, Out in Harmony, and the GLASS Gay LGBT Youth Choir as well as the link to Vancouver’s Queer Film Festival.

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Singing & Music

Vancouver Men's Chorus

Vancouver Men’s Chorus dedicated to presenting and promoting musical entertainment to the gay community.

Rainbow Concert Band Gay Vancouver

Rainbow Concert Band Providing a safe and supportive environment to practice and perform music for the LGBT community.

Out in Harmony Gay Choir Vancouver

Out in Harmony Vancouver lesbian and gay choir.

Femme City Lesbian Choir Vancouver

Femme City Choir all-genders, queer and trans centred femme choir.



Scotia Bank Dance Center

The Scotia Bank Dance Center works to promote and support all forms of dance in British Columbia.

Squares Across the Border gay square dance

Squares Across the Border Gay square dance group established in 1983. They hold monthly dances between September and May.

Timberline Dance Society LGBT

Timberline Dance Society a LGBT country-western dance group.


Not So Strictly Ballroom offers same sex dance lessons to singles and couples.



Vancouver Queer Film Festival

Vancouver Queer Film Festival the Vancouver Queer Film Festival brings the very best in queer independent cinema from around the world to Vancouver.

Leaping Thespians Lesbian Theatre

Leaping Thespians award winning woman's theatre group bringing stories of lesbians' lives to anyone who will watch.

Shooting Stars Starry Night

Shooting Stars Foundation (Starry Night) produce truly unique special events with passion, integrity and innovation to raise money for people with HIV/AIDS.


Sounds & Furies Productions producing concerts, workshops, retreats and special events throughout the year. Serving the women's LGBT community



Queer Arts Festival

Pride in Art Society promotes the production, exhibition, visibility, and appreciation of queer art and artists, creating opportunities for dialogue among artists from different disciplines.


Meet new friends in DavieVillage by joining a GLBT music/dance/arts group. There are a number of GLBT groups to choose from. Please let us know if we are missing any from our list. If your group does not have a page, please let us know and we will be happy to post information about your group. You can contact us at